And thou say in thine heart, My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth. But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.
Deuteronomy 8:17-18

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Tree Service Prime Prospect Marketing Program


See Our Specialty Lead Programs Below

Step 1 – Understand the Buyer

For each type of job, we start by placing ourselves in the customers shoes. What are they really seeking, rarely is a customer seeking your specific service. They do not want to cut down a tree, instead what they are really wanting is to solve a safety concern, maybe they want to get sunlight to their garden, install a satellite TV dish, or just get a view of the lake. Customers do not WANT the service YOU are OFFERING! Instead, they want what your service will give them.  

Step 2 – Understand The Competition

We analyze your direct competition, what companies are showing up on the search engines, what are they doing right and what can we take advantage of. What are they targeting, what are they missing. How are they presenting themselves to the prospect. We know prospects will typically look at multiple websites before deciding. We want to make sure when they do this that they are choosing you over the others.

Step 3 – Build Customer Trust & Confidence

Part of making sure customers will choose you is to take advantage of the short time they are on your website. We work at building trust and confidence right away. We do this by making your prospect feel safe. Safe by being on your website and safe by hiring you. We work with you in many ways to determine various ways we can make your future customer feel safe.

Step 4 – Keywords

Our projects always use the most extensive set of keywords available. We know that if a customer types something into the search engine and can’t find you there is no chance of you being able to earn their business. We do extensive research before and during our time with you to make sure that we aren’t missing anything. We also don’t have limit on keywords as our goal is to expand and grow your business as much as possible.

Step 5 – Create Useful and Relevant Content

Our content must be useful and relevant to the prospect as well as to the google search engine. When we put content together, we target everything we spoke of above, We make sure the client feels like the content is speaking to them, its highlighting how we are better than the competition, it is building trust and confidence and of course is peppered with the right keywords throughout. This help create understanding, engagement, and ultimately high rankings.

Step 6 – Educate, engage and Build Value For Prospect

Within this content we will also educate, engage, and build value for the prospect. Do you want tree pruning leads? Then we will teach clients why pruning is needed, want more drop and gos? Then we will show clients the benefits of keeping the trees on their property. Want leads that help you use specialized equipment? Then we show the benefits of them hiring a company with your exact equipment.

Step 7 – Develop prospect follow-up

We don’t stop with the website or the call, we also put together some follow up processes for you. Client calls you but gets a voicemail. We shoot them a text message to make sure they know they are not being ignored. They get emails that show them samples of your work along with why you are a great choice for them. After you’ve completed the job we encourage them to give you a review and recommend their friends and neighbors.

Step 8 – Your In-House digital Marketing Department

Many companies will limit your marketing to a certain number of keywords, certain tasks, a maximum amount of time or a rigid set of deliverables. Our company prides itself as YOUR IN-HOUSE Digital Marketing Department. Our goal is to help you extend and expand your marketing reach as far as it will go. We do this because we want to ensure your continued growth. We are always working to develop more marketing for you and your business.

Our Specialty Tree Service Leads

Top of a large tree we are removing

Large tree removal leads

Looking for $1,000+ deals? We specifically target our marketing for larger tree removals

tree pruning leads

If you like the repeat business involved with Tree Pruning, we can also target these leads.  

drop and go leads

A favorite of many in the business, we target tree removals and then work on getting the customers to consider keeping the tree on their property.

Spider Lift Leads

Is your spider lift gathering dust or not being used enough? Don’t worry. You can get leads for that specific part of your business.

City Tree Removal

Improve your company’s exposure by targeting the right areas. Drivers need tree work too!

crane job leads

Have very specialized equipment but only want to roll it out on jobs worth it? Let us target these high-value leads for you.

Small & Quick Job Leads

Don’t want to roll out the big guns, looking for something small and quick or a lot of small and quick jobs? We have the answer.

old stump leads

I like Old Stumps and I cannot lie! Old rotted stumps are super quick and I want all these jobs. Ask and you will receive.

tree doctor leads

There is nothing like being able to save a tree, money’s not bad either. Use your expertise and do both.


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