And thou say in thine heart, My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth. But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.
Deuteronomy 8:17-18

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All Clients Have Access To our Case Study Development Program

We help your company “Pre-Sell” Your Services

Do you face competition in your market?

We know this probably sounds like a dumb question, but many people forget that there are others in your market trying to obtain the same business as you. Unlike other companies in our space we not only want to help get your website traffic but we also want to help you convert that traffic to sales. The best way to do this is to stand out to your prospects. 

How does this work?: Every client and project you have ever worked on has a story. Every prospect that has ever called you will have some built-in doubt. Can you do the job? Can you do it safely? Do you have the right knowledge? Can you handle surprises? Do you have the correct equipment? Are you overpricing them? etc. Ask 100 different prospects, and you will find 100 different reasons for doubt. Our 1-page case study allows you to start telling your prospects all of your stories and experience one job at a time.

Story Telling: We use our 1 Page Case study to tell the story of you and your company while highlighting the successful results of your past client(s). This case study will humanize you while it removes the doubt in your customer’s mind. Readers of these case studies will view you as an expert because you took the time to put the project down in writing, and what you wrote subconsciously resolved an issue they didn’t even know they had.  When you solve a previous client problem, and it is documented how you solved it, you have already started convincing the client that you do, in fact, know what you are doing. 

The More the Merrier: One point of doubt people have is whether or not you can resolve THEIR problem. They may think you have never faced the issue they are presenting to you. You can say, “Yes, no problem; we’ve handled that lots of times,” BUT….. Having it in a case study, in a sense, will PROVE that you can handle the work. For many clients, we create one case study per week. Over time they will be able to address each and every concern a prospect will ever have.   

Sample Case Study Below

“Triumph Over Tree Troubles: Heartwood Tree Care’s Masterful Rescue of a Historic Garden”


Welcome to a thrilling exploration of Heartwood Tree Care’s exceptional service. This case study chronicles their intricate task of safely removing a diseased oak from a historic garden, navigating myriad challenges, and showcasing their professionalism, proactive approach, and deep commitment to sustainability and client satisfaction.


Margaret Lewis, a retired school teacher, contacted Heartwood Tree Care to examine a diseased oak tree in her garden. The property is located on South Fulton Street close to the historic Dr. Josephus Hall House in Salisbury, NC.

Margaret desired a tree care service that was professional, sensitive to her concerns, safe, sustainable, and locally trusted.


  • The tree was located close to Margaret’s house, other plants, and near overhead power lines.
  • There was a risk of the tree causing structural damage during the removal process.
  • Falling branches could potentially harm other plants in the garden.
  • The proximity to power lines added an extra layer of danger.

Professional Solution

  • Conducted a comprehensive on-site assessment with their ISA Certified Arborist, Lucy Anderson.
  • A detailed removal plan was drafted, ensuring minimal impact on the property and safety.
  • Coordinated with the local utility company for power line safety.
  • Utilized a mobile crane and precise rope rigging techniques to safely cut and lower each part of the tree.
  • Repurposed the removed tree into mulch, following an environmentally-friendly practice.


  • The diseased oak tree was successfully and safely removed with no damage to Margaret’s property, nearby plants, or power lines.
  • The team completed a post-removal clean-up, leaving Margaret’s property in a pristine state.
  • The removed oak tree was repurposed into mulch and used to enrich Margaret’s garden.

Post-Project Inspection

  • Heartwood conducted a post-project inspection and noticed another tree showing early signs of instability.
  • Promptly informed Margaret about the situation and provided potential options for the future.
  • Recommended regular check-ups to assess the condition of the unstable tree.


Key Takeaways

  • Heartwood’s expertise, thoroughness, and dedication to client satisfaction ensured the safe removal of the diseased tree and the preservation of Margaret’s property.
  • Proactive in identifying potential future hazards, demonstrating a long-term commitment to client safety and tree health.
  • Successful demonstration of Heartwood’s core values: professionalism, safety, sustainability, and community trust.

REVIEW: Every case study is different and custom-made for every specific client we have based on the unique project they have worked on. Imagine having a book of these case studies you can bring with you on your sales calls. Imagine referring or emailing people to these case studies when they get off the phone so you can show them proof! Case studies are a wonderful way to get the word out regarding your business’s differences. 

Please review the sample case study above. As you can see when you read this, there are lots of questions answered, and Heartwood Tree Care’s expertise shines through.

Possible questions answered with this single case study….

– Can you deal with trees near power lines?
– Did they understand the risks involved?
– Did they care about my house and plants?
– Can they work around historical homes?
– Are they certified?
– Do they have a plan?
– How do they reduce safety issues?
– Do they have the required and proper equipment?
– Do they really know what they are doing?
– What will they do with the tree once removed
– Are they able to complete the job as needed?
– Will they clean up after themselves?
– Are they knowledgeable enough to spot other potential problems?

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